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Monday, March 21, 2011

Vases are sooo yesterday!

I'm always trying to think outside the box, in this case, the vase.  I never seem to have the right vase for those endless bouquets of flowers I receive (ahem, buy for myself, that is, lol).  Here are some ideas for alternative containers to put your flowers in.  I love them all.

An absolutely gorgeous vintage teapot with Gerberas, what a statement!

Vintage Silver teapot, what else would you use it for?

Copper teapot, on a wooden table, so Country Chic!


Holly said...

Fun post. I like putting my flower sin all kind of crazy (and not so crazy) containers. They are so pretty in teapots.

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Hi there. I am your newest follower...came from Holly's blog and like her, I am a mocha lovin momma!