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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Decorating the Dr.'s Office

When Dr. David Hammond of Glover Road Chiropractic here in Langley sent me an email over a year ago, I honestly thought it was spam.  He was telling me he had found my business card in his new office and wanted to see some more of my artwork.  Sounded a little suspicious to me (only because I've been approached on numerous occasions via email by scammers about my artwork) but soon enough I figured out that Dr. Hammond was the real deal.  He really was interested in my photographic art.  I met with David at his office and we discussed art.  Much to my surprise, he wanted me to give him some decorating tips along with my art consultation.  Well, not being a designer, I was a little nervous.  My first thought was, can I pull it off?  My second thought was, surely all these years of watching HGTV is finally going to pay off.  Well, like most things I tackle in life, I jumped in with both feet and started sharing my ideas.    Turns out the decor part was far easier than I had originally anticipated.  There would be no painting, new furniture nor decor items.  Re-arranging his office was more like the game plan.  Here are some of the before and after shots.  I'm still waiting for a plant in the waiting room for some organic presence.  My suggestion for moving the diplomas out of the reception area to the blank wall in the hallway has yet to be completed but overall, I think the space looks pretty great.  Small changes DO make a difference. 





Before, that bulletin board was such an eyesore.

After, a nice black and white canvas print
and some vinyl lettering, what an improvement.

Check out the ugly Electrical panel to the far left.
My favorite project was to create a magnetic board that
served as a cover and
promotional piece.

Here it is, it turned out so great.  Had my art shop make up a frame, my sign shop a
vinyl reverse lettering cover for some galvanized steel and voila
a magnetic board covering up the ugly electrical panel.
Thanks to 3M products this cover is just velcroed to the wall
and is easily removed when necessary.

No one would ever guess there is an electrical panel behind this.


Robyn said...

WOW, it looks SO much better. Your artwork totally adds a clean and professional feeling while still being warm! GREAT JOB!!

Renee Weatherford said...

Very well done! I love decorating... following you from 504 Main :)

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Beautiful job, both the artwork and the decorating. I'm glad such a great opportunity came your way!

jordanbev5 said...

It looks so clean and welcoming! Every patient wants to come there! Great job!

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

It looks so much more serene now. Great job. I'm your newest follower. Cheers

Vintage Home said...

Stunning art work..Great job on the electrical panel!