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Monday, January 24, 2011

In remembrance of my Daddy

To Honour my Daddy. He would have been 76 today, Happy Birthday in Heaven. I only had 15 years to get to know him but we were BFF's and I still miss him. This print I created a few years ago and it is fitting to honour him by as my Dad was an adventurer. He was in the Finnish Navy, he flew glider planes and went deep sea diving, he ventured into commercial fishing and he was an artist. He inspired me to go after my dreams in the Photography world. Just 15 years I had him in my life, and it was amazing.


raggygirlvintage said...

That's beautiful Sari, he would be so proud of you:-)

Karen Smidt said...

I was searching the internet for something to post for my Dad. He would of been 79 tomorrow. He loved airplanes. He worked on them in his career and he made RC Models for a hobby. In his later years he would make airplanes on the computer and fly around the world. I just love what you wrote to your Dad. It inspired me to write something for my Dad too. Just wanted you to know that you touched my heart.