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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mocha Mitts are HERE!!

Okay so here they are, been meaning to share this for a while but have been so busy making up orders and getting them into stores.  I have designed an eco friendly reusable, fabric coffee sleeve.  Some are embroidered, some are shabby chic, some are faux leather, faux fur, some even have the Eiffel Tower on them.  They are so fun and cute.  This isn't a new idea but the file I created for my embroidery machine is.  I am even trademarking the name "Mocha Mitt". 

1 comment:

Lindalou said...

So cute. Not a coffee drinker but can see how useful these would be and if you are ought to be special.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. As a new photographer I appreciate your comments.